Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hunting, Pumpkins and Sticks!

Dad went hunting last weekend...so Girls Weekend. Or
should I say girls and boys weekend!

Of course we had to hit up Mi Cocina!

Mr. Potato Easton?

Next stop, pumpkin patch. This 
is Easton's new look when I ask him to smile!

Over there! He wanted to see the pumpkins!

Picking out our pumpkins for the front porch.

Mom, what about this one?


Hunter had to work on Saturday, bummer!

Look at this stick, it was like a set of
windshield wipers and Easton insisted on
keeping it! 

Nice Hat! We wore this sideways for at 
least an hour!

Random yard with a really cool pumpkin!

Let's not forget to say hi to the chickens and rooster!

Dad got home a day early!!

What a fun weekend! Thank you "Gand" for 
all of your help!! 

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