Monday, June 3, 2013

Easton's Awesome Weekend!!

We decided to take a weekend
just to be with Easton and do whatever
he wanted, before Baby Brother arrives!
We started by spending the night at Great Wolf Lodge,
 riding the mini train, taking in a ranger game and
ending it at the pool! What a weekend!! This momma
was feeling the effects of being 35 weeks pregnant by Saturday night.
But it was worth every second! We love you so much Easton K and
you are going to be the best big brother in the world!!
Arriving at Great Wolf Lodge!
Easton's reaction when he saw the water park!!
This was what he spotted!! Can you blame him?
Posing with the moose!
Heading into the water...
Getting wet with Dad!
This was crazy!
Taking a snack break with Mom!
Easton started out by holding Dad's hand....
By the 20th time, he was going down all by himself!
Heading outside!
Running through the water
It was cold!!
Having his first bowl of fruit loops for breakfast!
Family Pic! Baby brother was really making an appearance!
Waiting on the train!
Such a cutie in his hat :)
We had so much fun on the train!
Headed to the Ranger game! Thank goodness
for the bike taxi!

Easton was loving the game!

Hey Mom!
Watching and learning about the seriousness
of the game!

Headed home with one tired mom and toddler!

Finishing up the weekend relaxing at the pool!

What's better than a snack on dads chest?!
We were so sad for the weekend to be over. As tired as I was, I had a blast
and Tanner was like a kid at the waterpark. I think we had as much fun as
Easton! I love my boys!!

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