Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Race for the cure!

It was early...
Oops, Easton wanted to smile!

                                                       Getting ready to "win" the race,
                                                         as Easton kept saying!

                                                         Posing with Dad and Grand!

                                                              Walking fast....
Easton needed a break and sat down
right in the middle of the marathon!
Grand thought it was a good idea too!

We made it 3 miles but just got a pic with the 1 Mile marker!

Some random lady asked Easton if he wanted to race
to the dog...he did....

faster, faster!

                                                                And I think he beat her!

Then he got to see the cop car! 19 months
old and already been in his first cop car, uh oh!

                                                       And we finished!! As my mom crossed the
                                              finish line the announcer asked her name and how many years she had 
                                               been a survivor. She could barely utter it out:
                                                            MARY WESTBROOK 8 YEARS!! 
                                             I'm so thankful we were all wearing sunglasses b/c tears were
                                                       coming out!! Such a proud and emotional moment!
                                              What a great way to spend mothers day!! I LOVE YOU MOM!
Final group pic!

                                                              Getting to sit on the fire truck!


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