Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

 Beautiful flowers from all 3 of my boys!

    Mine and Grands flowers! She gets big ones 
            b/c she is the Grand!

  Headed out for a little date night in Athens!

                   Love my baby boy!

      Easton loves the water fountain!

     Uncle Bret laying out b/c he gave up on golf! 

    Easton trying to be like Uncle Bret,
       but he left his shirt on!

        Me and Grand, Happy Mother's Day!

    Dad and Easton in the spaceship!

     Mom and Easton in the spaceship!

      Easton and Uncle Bret playing golf..again!

           Hangin with the guys...

         Family pic minus Aunt Lindsay! Happy Mother's
                           Day 2013!!

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