Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Girls (and boy) weekend!!

What a fun weekend we shared with Heather, Alice, Piper and Jill!
                   Easton and his two ladies!

                    Taking it all in...

        A little pre game pep talk before the big move!
                              (see previous post)

                     What a fun train ride!!

            Easton and Alice looking at giraffes!

           Trying to get a pic of all three is challenging!

    On the carousel, he loved first!

     After nap time they were all ready to go...
      chasing and tackling each other!

   Easton, short less and Alice hugging Piper!

      We only get a pic of the 3 of us once a year,
      and seems some one (or two) of us are always prego!

      And evidence of how awesome our husbands are,
      Gene providing story time to Alice and Piper

       And Tanner taking care of Easton while us girls
        got to treat ourselves to dinner in  Dallas!

    Easton was dancing he was so excited about his boys night out!
   What a fun weekend with my 2 best friends and their adorable kiddos!!

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