Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!

Easton is finally better, but didn't want to risk
taking him to the pool in case of an "accident"!
So we opted for the park and the golf course!
What a fun filled day celebrating and being
thankful for all that we have!

     At the park trying to all fit in the pic!
   Easton was being very funny in these pics!

      Tanner and Easton walking up the hill
              to hit the ball! 

       He needed his shades on, again! That boy!

   Helping dad with his yardage...92 yards Dad! 

        Teeing off in the wrong direction!

        Finally figured it out!

     My mom sent me these pics of my dad and brother
at the new memorial site in Athens. 

   My dad pointing to his name!!

 Bret pointing to his!!

   What a cool picture of the Westbrook men 
being honored for serving our country!!  I LOVE YOU
BOTH so much and we are so proud of you!!! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

34 weeks!

   Less than 6 weeks until we get to meet
Baby Brother!! We ARE ALL getting so
excited! Easton decided he needed to check
his heart beat this morning...so precious!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Train ride!

Easton has had a stomach bug the last few days and
hasn't felt his best...BUT he really wanted to ride
the train! I think it actually made him feel better!
Thankfully Mah has been in town to help us out!

           Waiting on the train...

                      All aboard!

                Mom and Me time!

                    Hanging with Mah!

          Getting one last pic with Mom!

        I hope you get to feeling better soon
     baby boy! I hate seeing you sick :(

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pool time!

    Our family size pool for our backyard! The pool opens this
               weekend, but we sure are having fun in this one!

                   Filling it up with water....

                          Hanging with Dad!

         Throwing the ball with mom!

               A little pool dance!

                   Family pic!

        Easton wanted to lay out like Dad!


A video of Easton kicking, his favorite thing to do these days!
      What a fun afternoon! Above ground inflatable pools are awesome!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday morning fun!

I asked my boys to fold these extra sheets for me and when I came back into the room, this was how they folded them! It's fort time Mom!! I dont know who had more fun, Easton or Tanner!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

 Beautiful flowers from all 3 of my boys!

    Mine and Grands flowers! She gets big ones 
            b/c she is the Grand!

  Headed out for a little date night in Athens!

                   Love my baby boy!

      Easton loves the water fountain!

     Uncle Bret laying out b/c he gave up on golf! 

    Easton trying to be like Uncle Bret,
       but he left his shirt on!

        Me and Grand, Happy Mother's Day!

    Dad and Easton in the spaceship!

     Mom and Easton in the spaceship!

      Easton and Uncle Bret playing golf..again!

           Hangin with the guys...

         Family pic minus Aunt Lindsay! Happy Mother's
                           Day 2013!!

XTO spokesperson??

        Easton found Dad's hardhat in his truck!

     Looks great big boy! Off to work we go!

Race for the cure!

It was early...
Oops, Easton wanted to smile!

                                                       Getting ready to "win" the race,
                                                         as Easton kept saying!

                                                         Posing with Dad and Grand!

                                                              Walking fast....
Easton needed a break and sat down
right in the middle of the marathon!
Grand thought it was a good idea too!

We made it 3 miles but just got a pic with the 1 Mile marker!

Some random lady asked Easton if he wanted to race
to the dog...he did....

faster, faster!

                                                                And I think he beat her!

Then he got to see the cop car! 19 months
old and already been in his first cop car, uh oh!

                                                       And we finished!! As my mom crossed the
                                              finish line the announcer asked her name and how many years she had 
                                               been a survivor. She could barely utter it out:
                                                            MARY WESTBROOK 8 YEARS!! 
                                             I'm so thankful we were all wearing sunglasses b/c tears were
                                                       coming out!! Such a proud and emotional moment!
                                              What a great way to spend mothers day!! I LOVE YOU MOM!
Final group pic!

                                                              Getting to sit on the fire truck!