Friday, June 22, 2012

9 Months Old!!

                                                   Happy 9 month Birthday Baby Boy! I am wanting time
                                 to slow down! You have become the sweetest little boy giving us
                                 kisses and hugs ALL the time! You melt my heart and we love you so much!

I swear he was smiling until I put the 9 month sticker on him!!

Okay, I will smile one time for you Mom!

How's this smile?

What about this one? Can you tell I'm forcing it? I mean
I look like I work for the Rangers.

I'm done...he got Pedro out of his crib and wouldn't look at the camera!

How about this pose?

Out of the chair...again

Back in the chair, but I'm not looking up Mom!

Trying to hide and playing peek a boo....

And I will just stand beside the about that?

We love you, you little stinker!

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