Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 Months Old!

Time is going by toooo fast! I have been looking back on
pictures and can not believe how big our BABY BOY is getting!
You are the best baby, the sweetest little boy and we love you so much
Easton K! I love hearing you say Bah Bah, Ma Ma and Buh! Your
voice has the sweetest sound and melts my heart each and every day...
You are God's special gift and I am so blessed to get to be your Mommy!

So serious...

I had to zoom out so you can see how big he's getting!!


One of his many smiles!

Here's another one...


                                                                Such a happy boy!


                                       Okay, attention span is gone...now I'm just going to stand!

Moved to his chair...and oh we got very serious!
How's this for a pose, Mom??

I'm done and would prefer to play with my

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