Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easton's First Hair Cut!

Easton had his first hair cut last week! We took so many pics, I am just now uploading all of them. He did so good! It made me so sad to cut his beautiful hair, but after being called a girl 3 times, in 2 days, I thought it might be time :)

On our way to the salon!

Dad, I'm not sure how I feel about this...

I got a good shot of how long it was...

Putting on his cape, which he thought was pretty cool!

And...she takes the first cut!

                                                         Hey, mom! You like??

Flirting with his new friend!

Being very patient!

She kept giving him combs and he kept dropping them!

                                                            Moving right along...

Mom, enough with the pictures already!

We're getting close!

                                                                       The final cut!!

After 15 minutes, all sides trimmed and 4 combs later, we are finally done!

And now time for a little photo shoot outside!

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