Thursday, January 5, 2012

And a few More Chrismas Pics!

Easton got to have 2 Christmas celebrations this year.
One in Perryton and one in Athens.
He had so much fun wearing all of his christmas attire
and hanging out with all his family!
We love you baby boy and Merry 1st Christmas!

Hanging out with his big cousins!

Noticing that he has reindeer on his feet!

                                                             and one on his bottom....

                                                   Playing with his favorite gift, his laptop.
                                                 Working so hard sending out lots of emails!!

                                                  Easton getting ready to open ALL his gifts!

It was like a winter wonderland!

Easton was trying to tell Killer Merry Christmas!

                                                              Pay attention to me!!

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