Thursday, January 12, 2017

My beautiful flowers!

From my beautiful boys!
I heard it was Easton's idea and 
Dad and Hunter agreed!
What a great surprise!
I love my boys...they are beautiful!!


We went downtown to meet Grand
for dinner (She was in town for work)
Look at these life size candies...
Easton and his Hersheys!

Grand and Mommy with the syrup!

These two!

Apparently they were cold, and hungry
b/c this is how I found them!!

Our first snow!

The first snow of the year!!

Baby its cold outside!!

Last week it was 17 degrees!
We went to athens for a couple days since
the boys didn't have school. 

I wore this coat all day b/c i was so cold!

Tanner wore it more for a fashion statement!
What a pimp!

Hunter brought all the firewood around for
Grandad...all by himself!

What a hairdo!

Now for some warm hot chocolate!


Easton got to help start the fire!


Just relaxing with Dad!

And making lemon bars with Grand!


It was cold for a couple days!
We were so excited to wear winter gear!

Christmas in Boerne!

We headed down to Boerne for 
Christmas, Mah's Birthday 
and NYE!

Happy Birthday Mah!

Mah and all her boys!

The boys loved opening all their gifts 
and hanging out with their cousins!

This is a big tree!

Roasting smores by the camp fire!
I can't say we made it up until
midnight for NYE, but we did have a blast!