Monday, January 26, 2015

Mah and Poppy came to see us!

We had a great time at Mi Cocina!

It was so packed with all the rodeo fans!

Easton saw a girl on her iPad taking pictures
of herself using this we needed to do 
the same thing. What face is this?!?!

Then dinner at the club! 
Mah and Hunter chatting it up!

Hanging with the grandparents!

Family pic!! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dawn's Wedding!

I am so proud of my little man! He did so well
at Dawn's wedding! 

He was a little nervous, but did so great!! 

Cline, Brian and Easton!

Flower girl and ring bearer!

Holding hands!

Dawn looked absolutely stunning!!

Aunt Summer was in town too!

So serious!

Working on how to hold the pillow!

I was SOOOO proud I could hardly stand it!! 

                                                      The Beautiful wedding party!

Brian and Dawn and their kids! 

My handsome hubby!! 

Summer, Dawn and I!

Rehearsal dinner fun!

My handsome dates!

The boys like chills... A LOT! 
So it is where we go on our date nights!

I love you three!! 

Loving this weather!

Finally we can be outside without freezing!
The boys both grabbed their hats...I guess
the sunshine means baseball caps??

Playing with Bubba!

I love this pic so I had to post again!

We went to lunch and Hunter
was everyones entertainment!

I'm sure the people around us did not think
he was as funny as we did!

But Easton was loving it!

My turn!


Posing one more time!

Back to school week!

Talking about the weeks events...

High five on a great day!! 


Grand was in town for work this week,
family dinner time!

Hunter wrapping his arms around Savvy
for a hug. He loves his cousin!

Grandad works with Me while
Grand is at real work! 

Hanging with Hunter Boo!

We have friday mornings to hang out, just me and Hunter!
How about a little lunch date?