Sunday, October 19, 2014

Time for our check up!

Easton did so great at the dentist!
His check up was superb!

Hunter had his first check up and his
was awesome too!

Apparently the dentist office is fun!?
They seemed to be having a great time!

So sweet!

Target run with Mom and Grandad! 

This is were they were sitting when I came out!


We had so much fun at the TCU game! 

The boys were enjoying popcorn and cheering
for both teams!! 

My little froglets! 

Easton actually said he's a cowboy that
says Go frogs! Hey that works! 

It was soooo hot but the boys made it all
the way to half time! We were impressed!! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Haircuts, birthday party and more!

Hunter and Easton showing their winter cuts! 

Hi Mom! 

Check this out!

How about a dance?

Having fun at Ellis' birthday!

I couldn't find Easton, he was chatting it
up with a few moms!

Hunter playing with Sophia!

Hunter and Grandad watching the frogs! 

Go Frogs!

Our little army ranger (Thank you Aunt Jill)


And of course we had to wear it to dinner!

Uncle Bret and Hunter sword fighting! 

Get em big boy! 


we are cowboys! I just love watching these two! 

You talkin to me?

Howdy partner! 

Easton wore this to dinner and the
server asked the occasion? Um, its

Fun Weekend with the fam!

Bret's first baby selfie! Lol

Doll came to meet Savanna and
see her boys!

Grand and her boys! 


Carter meeting Savanna for the first time!

Oh Uncle Carter! 

More Savanna Pics!

She is so precious! 

I'm so proud of my beautiful niece!

The boys meeting her for the first time! 

Hanging with her Uncle Tanner!

The boys were very excited!

Easton being very careful! 

I can't believe my little brother is a daddy! 

Smile! Easton, you too! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tues morning fun!

I walked in and they were being so
quiet, I figured out they were looking for
the bad guys!