Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Summer Pics!

These didn't post for some reason!
so big and handsome!

Hunter and his best friend, Bleu Belle!

Me and MY Best Friend, Grandad!! 

My other best friend, Grand!

what a great pic!

I love this one too!! Had to crop out the beer for the school 
picture board but that okay! HAHA

Brothers bike ride!

I love that Hunter is talking the whole time!!

First Day of School!!!

My handsome BIG boys!!

Easton's first day of Kindergarten!
I cannot believe it!!

Hunter's first day of Pre-K!!

So excited for his first day!

Here we go!!

Brotherly love or tackles in the hallway!

Easton is his cool classroom!

 MY Handsome hubby and son!!

Hunter's turn!

My cutie patootie!!

Last day of Summer fun!!

We went to the flight deck one last time and
the boys got lots of fro yo!!

Then after dinner we made their favorite brownies!

Nothing like a bunch of sugar to end the summer right!!


Easton had Matriculation monday
night before school started on wednesday!
Seeing him in his dress uniform and bow tie
was almost too much!! Not sure what Hunter was pouting about??

Headed to the church!

There's his smile!

Dad and Easton!

He was acting so big!

I love this face!

Signing his documents to "start Kindergarten at All Saints"

Brynn, Annabelle and Easton!

Best we could do for a family photo!


Easton and his buddy Ellis!

Meet the Teacher!

We were so excited to meet Easton's
kindergarten teacher, Ms. Roderick!

He told me she was really nice and
she smells good!

Were excited for a fun year!!

I love these boys!!

Our last "school day" morning for cuddles!!