Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My cuties!

They love their chairs, (thank you Mah),
they love each other and they love
having their picture taken!

If only both smiled at the same time!

How's this?

Almost guys! But you're my cuties no matter
what face, pose or weapon you're holding! 

What a fun day!

Easton asked Hunter to sit down and play ball with him! 
This is where Hunter chose to sit! Easton said, mom
take a picture!!

And this is how we eat ice-cream! 

Fun little Saturday!

The boys loved the snow cones at bahama bucks!

So did Mommy!

Hunter insist he sit at the "big"table and not his 
high chair!

We had so much fun at Ethan's birthday! 

And what would the weekend be without a trip 
to sams! Why don't they have carts like this everywhere?

Check this out over here guys! 

It's hot!

Easton has been doing this every day! He 
loves filling up the "bathtub" as he calls it and
submerging himself!

I may have to get a bigger trash can and try this
 myself! No cameras please!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brothers FOREVER!

We start our day out wrestling...

And finish with sweet bedtime stories!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Who's who?!

This was not planned either time...but so glad
I captured both! Same pose, same age, same section of the closet 
and loving Grand's clothes!
One just might be left handed! 

We love you Aunt Vicki!

Heaven gained a beautiful angel early this morning...
This was the sunrise this morning while the boys
and I were walking. Easton turned and opened his arms
as I snapped this pic. As the tears ran down my face,
I also smiled knowing she was still here
and that she was going to be ok. We love you Aunt Vicki and
we miss you!