Friday, September 16, 2016

2nd Game!!

I may or may not post every game!
Ready at 3:00. Game time 6:00!

Little brother is ready too!!

Saying their pledge before the game!

Easton went 2 for 2 again!!

Great hit bubba!
Mah and poppy came all the way
to ftworth just for the game!!

Playing pitcher!
He said his "dream came true" b/c 
he got to play pitcher!
He had a stop at second and a great stop
at short!

Team meeting after the game!!
We won...big time!
Way to go A's!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Easton's first Pee Wee Baseball Game!!

Doing a little BP before the game!


Little bro on the field!

Almost game time!

Easton playing second!!

And third!! He made a great stop at third!

Mom messed up the camera and didn't record his
first bat, but here is the 2nd!! 

He had such a great time and their team
played SO GOOD! We lost my 2 runs but
I am so proud of his little team!!

Happy Birthday Tanner K!!

The boys picked out 9
balloons and we surprised dad downtown!
We were planning to catch him at this office,
but he had gone to the gym to work out!

No problem though! He got to walk around
downtown with them!!

I think Dad's day was made!

My handsome boys!

Easton snapped this quick pic of us!

Getting ready to open gifts!!

Showing off his new vest and shoes!

Cupcakes before dinner!!

And a birthday dinner serenade!
Happy 37th Birthday to my amazing husband!!

Family pic!! 
Dad in his pink sombrero!!


Savanna went with me to pick the boys 
up from school with me on friday!

They were both so excited and so surprised!

I didn't have my camera in the school
but they each hugged and kissed her and
walked out with her hand in hand!

This was our car ride home!!

We got home and got to play with Baby Bret!!

Rah Rah TCU!!

On the bus headed to the game!
The boys loved that we parked and got to 
ride a BIG bus to the stadium!

We had so much fun!!
The boys did not want to leave!

Riding the escalators!
Even though we lost, we all had a great time!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


You just have to dance!


Hunter dressed himself, with 
a belt, shorts and crocs!

He was so proud of himself!

Easton dressed himself. Long sleeves,
pants, cowboy belt and boots!

These two are the same, yet so different!