Monday, August 22, 2016

Who are these boys?

And who taught them to dance and 
wear their hats like this?!!?

Now he feels like dancing!

Being like Clark!

Hunter said, Mom I'm like that guy?!?!
He then says, "fixed the newel post"!!!
We may have watched Christmas Vacation 
a few times!!

Too cute for words!!

My beautiful niece and sister in law
and handsome nephew!
This picture makes me so happy!!

Rainy Saturday Fun!

Hunter wearing his party shirt
from Jay and Meg!

We took the boys to see Secret Life of Pets!
They loved it!
Playing arcades after the movie!

And making a wish in the fountain!

Big smiles!!

Happy boys!

Train ride around the mall!

The boys were so brave and wanted to jump!

Easton was so high!

He was having so much fun!

I was shocked Hunter wanted to go!

Trying to do back flips!


The boys got new was pretty much
the best day ever!!

We ended the night with a beautiful sunset...

and Goodnight Vermont from cousin Danielle!
What a wonderful day!

Play date with Leo and Corrine!

Hunter and Corrine!

Hunter and his favorite pal, Leo!

Fun lunch after we played at the park, and got
rained on!!

Easton wanted a picture with Leigh Ann!

Look at those cuties!!

Easton loves making Corrine laugh!

And being silly!!

Leo and his buddy Easton!!
WE had so much fun! 
Thank y'all for having us!

Family pics!

Easton is our professional photog!
He asked us to take a pic and then Hunter
asked what we were doing?! Haha

My precious boys!!

Then he asked me to kiss Daddy!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Grands in town!

So that means we get to bake muffins!

And go to the flight deck!


Shootin some hoops!

Run and jump fast!!

And yes, chuck e cheese!!

Carousel riding!

Helicopter flying!

Chair swinging!

Ice Cream eating!
The best day ever!! 
Thank you GRAND!