Sunday, July 5, 2015

More of the 4th!!

Grand and Savvy!

Carter, Uncle Bret, Dad and Hunter
having fun!

Setting up the 60ft slip in slide!

And Dad showing us how its done!
The boys were loving this!!

Good night Moon!

Love these 3 in their pjs!

I was trying to get them all to show me
how tall they are!

Savanna wasn't quite ready for bed so we 
hung out!

4th of July Weekend!

We spent lots of time in the pool!

I love this action shot. 
Tanner and Hunter in the hammock. Easton jumping in
the pool. Grand watching and Grandad holding Savanna!

Proud Grandad!

My little dark handsome boy!

Eastons first sparkler!!

Hunter's first sparkler!

Savanna Grace's first sparkler!

Grand and Uncle Bret!

Tanner on the paddle board!!
Good job Daddy!!

Bathing beauties!!

Fun in the sun!

A little happy hour with Grandad!

Watching Rango and explaining
stuff, serious stuff!

Popsicle hands!

My little cutie!


Busy Week!

We started off our week with a trip to the
Zoo with Roman!

It was hot!! 

Easton took these pictures of Hunter
and I! We had to stop by the Dr. 
Hunter was being so fussy we were for
sure he had an ear infection!

Turns out, his ears are perfect, he's just
ALMOsT 2!! haha

Easton said told you mom, he's fine!

Next stop, Easton's hair cut!
So handsome!

Then we met Hayes and Maris 
at the museum!

Lots of grocery shopping!

Dinner with Dad and Easton got to see his first rainbow!
It was so beautiful!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making Memories!

We have spent most of the weekend golfing and
Easton is loving hitting the ball
and getting a few lessons from his dad!

Like Father like Son!

This was what Hunter Boo was doing
during our outing!

Can anyone find Easton!?

Does it get any better than this!!?

Uh oh, Hunter Austin is ready now!

So proud of my little golfers!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tiger Jr.?

So proud of my big boy! He told me
Dad said his swing was looking really good!!